Big people’s liquor is so expensive… as much as half a month’s salary of small workers..

Premium bottles would be 1 to 2 thousand rupees expensive, desi also has inflation.

Raipur:  In Chhattisgarh, the sale of liquor is in the hands of the government, and like every other item, inflation has also started in it. From April 1, the bottles of premium English brands i.e. big people’s liquor have become expensive by 1 to 2 thousand rupees. Cheap brands have also become expensive by 100 to 200 rupees per bottle. Desi pauwa will also be available for 10 rupees more.
The more premium the brand, the higher the price of the bottle.

According to the new rate list that has come in the shops, now Red Lable is available for Rs. 2760 instead of Rs. 1900, Black Label for Rs. 5800 from Rs. 4100, Gold Label for Rs. 7300 from Rs. 6400, Teachers for Rs. 2200 from Rs. 1900, Teachers-50 for Rs. 2800 from Rs. 2100, VAT-69 for Rs. 2000 from Rs. 1750, Black and White for Rs. 2100 from Rs. 1850, Black Dog for Rs. 2000 from Rs. 1800 and RC for Rs. 1050 from Rs. 850. Apart from this, almost all beers will be available for Rs. 250 or above. Among the cheap English brands, Goa’s price has also been increased by Rs. 40 per bottle.

There was noise about liquor ban… now there is deep silence all around.

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